The End of the Road, Kings Canyon

The end of the road… or so you would think! Road’s End in Kings Canyon is actually the beginning of more adventures! It is a “hub” at the end of Highway 180 from which adventurers can span out and explore the wilderness. There are trails for day hikes and backcountry, swimming holes, and a ranger station here. Zumwalt Meadow is accessible from here as well. There are clear blue waters and a few opportunities for swimming (do so at your own risk! and only on calm waters!).

On the day we arrived at Road’s End during our 2016 summer Sequoia-King’s Canyon camping trip, there was a large extended family who was having a blast leaping off a boulder and into the deep clear waters below. Nothing made me happier than seeing all the children and families laughing and shrieking with delight at the activity. We joined in on the festivities and relished the icy clear waters. Note: please, please heed the warning signs. Drowning is a very real danger here. The watering hole we swam in happened to be a calm portion of the water where the current was not strong.



Juancho’s Mexican Grill & Bar

Juancho’s Mexican Grill & Bar is a small restaurant located in College Park Plaza, Upland. It serves great Mexican food at a fair price. Juancho’s is known their inexpensive lunch buffet. Originally, I came to this spot to something really quick, since I was on my lunch break. So, I ordered a simple wet BRC burrito with the sauce on the side. What I got was an average burrito with an amazing sauce -so much so that I would consider it one of the best things I ever ate/drank.

good one 1.jpg

Bean & cheese with the best mole I’ve ever tasted.

Now I’m no mole expert but what ate that day was memorable and that’s more than I can say for some higher end restaurants. These flavorful ingredients meld and create a very rich and slightly sweet experience. for sure! -Reviewed by N8

Juancho’s Mexican Grill & Bar.

2440 W Arrow Route, Upland, CA 91786