Juancho’s Mexican Grill & Bar

Juancho’s Mexican Grill & Bar is a small restaurant located in College Park Plaza, Upland. It serves great Mexican food at a fair price. Juancho’s is known their inexpensive lunch buffet. Originally, I came to this spot to something really quick, since I was on my lunch break. So, I ordered a simple wet BRC burrito with the sauce on the side. What I got was an average burrito with an amazing sauce -so much so that I would consider it one of the best things I ever ate/drank.

good one 1.jpg
Bean & cheese with the best mole I’ve ever tasted.

Now I’m no mole expert but what ate that day was memorable and that’s more than I can say for some higher end restaurants. These flavorful ingredients meld and create a very rich and slightly sweet experience. Bomb.com for sure! -Reviewed by N8

Juancho’s Mexican Grill & Bar.

2440 W Arrow Route, Upland, CA 91786

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