Salton Sea, California


Lunch break at The Rock Coffee Shop & Cafe

Let’s go back to two years ago, to January 31, 2015. On this day, Nate and I embarked on one of the first of many adventures together.  At the time, we didn’t know that we would eventually start dating, but it was this specific day trip that made us realize that we were pretty darn good adventuring together.

We were approaching finals. Nate was swamped in his classes and I was too focused on my ortho quarter. We needed the break away from the textbooks! I was a member of a photography meetup group and saw the event for a day trip to the Salton Sea. It was the perfect opportunity to escape from the books for a bit.

Here’s a little tidbit about Salton Sea before I talk about the highlights of our trip. The Salton Sea is California’s largest lake (in terms of geographical coverage), and it currently harbors increasingly salty waters. Despite it’s status as the state’s biggest lake, it unfortunately remains forgotten for so many Californians. Much of Salton Sea’s surroundings appear dry and desolate. But take a deeper look at nature and at the pockets of communities, and you’ll see a whole new kind a beauty you won’t see elsewhere.

Salvation Mountain, Imperial County, CA (33.253813, -115.464534)

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Salvation Mountain is the creation of Leonard Knight and is located east of the southern portion of Salton Sea.

East Jesus, Slab City (33.263032, -115.466014)

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East Jesus is a community of artists, musicians, thinkers, and vagabonds. You can read all about East Jesus here.


Bombay Beach, CA (33.347643, -115.731788)

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A town more abandoned than not, Bombay Beach is currently known among photographers for the “Ruins of Bombay Beach”. This was our last stop for the day, just in time to witness the gorgeous sunset over the waters. I’d like to add in that even though this town looks the way it does, it is still home to several families. Please be considerate of the locals and their property when visiting Bombay Beach.

There is much more to see in this vast pocket of California. There are the Mud Pots, which our group attempted to visit but got turned around by the all the mud! There is the city of Brawley, where we stopped for a refreshing lunch at The Rock Coffee Shop & Cafe (which I’ve recently found out is now closed D:).  To the midwest of the lake is the Torres-Martinez tribe’s Red Earth Casino.`Salton Sea is teeming with life if you seek it out.


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