About Us


We are a SoCal couple with a thirst for adventure and life. During the day, Meryl is an Occupational Therapist and Nate is a soon-to-be Physical Therapist. We are also cyclists, road-trippers, adventurers, campers, cat-lovers, nature-seekers, and food-enthusiasts.

Our ultimate goal is to explore the country (and the world!) as much as our tireless legs and eager hearts will take us.

Did we mention we are cat-lovers? Meet our beloved mischievous cat-duo Marley Barley and Marco Polo!

Marco Polo (left) & Marley Barley (right)

With our handy dandy DSLR and our cuddly comrades, we look forward to the horizon and approach dawn with the knowledge that we meander wherever we are meant to go.